About Us

Una Ricci Home Café is a virtual home store and café offering a curated mix of tableware, kitchenware, crystal glassware, cutlery, home décor, storage and waste management solutions, all from top-of-the-line international brands, as well as a variety of delectable dishes.
As we spend more and more time at home, we at Una Ricci find that we can make our spaces more appealing and our meals even more appetizing, thereby making our home experiences more meaningful and memorable, whether it’s with loved ones or simply on our own. This new norm of staying in for longer hours than usual inspired us to create this virtual space. This concept was borne out of and in the midst of the pandemic. After going through lockdowns and quarantine, we realized spending time at home need not be uneventful. This can actually be the perfect time to spruce up your place with finer, functional, and fresher pieces, perhaps learn how to cook new recipes, enjoy the art of tablescaping or the catharsis of revamping with home décor, be more organized, or simply taste new and exotic food. With our wide-ranging and unconventional pieces and menu, you’ll definitely find something to your liking. 
If you are working from home, we’re happy to share a roundup of items that can give your home office a more aesthetically pleasing and more organized look. We think adding these stylishly minimalist pieces are simple and easy ways that can make us even more inspired and productive. If you’re into plants, we’ve got you covered, too. Our unique planters and vases are sure to give your indoor or outdoor garden a chic atmosphere.
There’s beauty in every day spent at home—and it’s all in the details.
Pieces come in limited quantities, offering a certain exclusivity to you. Happy shopping!